Medical Ozone

Most people have heard about ozone gas in the atmosphere and aren’t aware of its medical applications.  In the office, we run  medical grade oxygen through a machine that imitates the natural process by which ozone is made.  Thereby we can create a specific concentration and volume of medical ozone for use in treatment.

Medical ozone is a versatile gas used to treat infections (acute and chronic), metabolic and inflammatory issues, pain, and to improve resilience overall.  By improving your body’s ability to turn sugar and fat into energy by regenerating NAD+, it improves energy, mitochondrial biogenesis, takes stress of of the adrenals and lowers cortisol, spares muscle tissue, and balances the pH of the body.  Some of the other clinical effects of medical ozone include:

  • Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells and cytokines that help fight infection.
  • Ozone directly kills bacteria (including MRSA), viruses and fungi on contact.
  • Ozone can stop cells of normal tissue from becoming tumours.
  • Ozone reduces and cleans up arterial plaque.
  • Ozone increases tissue oxygenation.
  • Ozone stimulates cellular metabolism by increasing the efficiency of sugar and fat metabolism.
  • Ozone helps the adrenal glands to heal and prevents muscle loss (because of the above effect).
  • Ozone turns on your body’s antioxidant mechanisms.
  • Ozone can balance the pH of the tissues of the body.

Because medical ozone is a gas, there is a wide range of ways that it can be applied:

  • Systemically for metabolic and cardiovascular disease, and to treat chronic infections and improve the function of the immune system:
    • Major Autohemotherapy (blood is drawn, ozonated, and then dripped back via IV)
    • Rectal insufflation of ozone (a small catheter is inserted into the rectum, then ozone gas is pushed into the rectum via a syringe or a bag)
  • In the case of infections, ozone can be used locally/topically:
    • For sinusitis/sinus infections ozone is pushed into the sinuses with a couple of syringes
    • For skin infections/non healing ulcers the area is bagged and ozone is pumped into the sealed area
    • Medical ozone gas can also be injected directly into a cyst, or an infection that the body has walled off.
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    Overall, medical ozone is a very powerful therapy, especially when combined with the other naturopathic therapies.  And because its applications are so broad and it is so safe, there aren’t many people who have health conditions which wouldn’t be helped by medical ozone.

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