“I went in to see Dr Evan for a couple of things. The first was adrenal fatigue symptoms, and after the full blood work up and exam, he helped me to see what was at the root of the symptoms. He was so thorough and mindful of looking at my health holistically, that I knew that the remedies he gave were good. And they were! I’m feeling so much better now.
The second time I went to see Dr Evan was for an ankle sprain I got trail running. I had let it ‘rest’ for almost 3 weeks, and it still didn’t seem to be healing quickly enough (I was anxious to get back to running!). He was able to adjust the joint, work with the corresponding muscles and connective tissue, and when I left I had noticeably more movement in my ankle. Later that day I didn’t notice as much pain or stiffness, and the day after I was able to run on it much better than early that week. I love the integrative approach and the natural/holistic treatments provided. Thank you Dr Evan!” ~ MP