Dr Evan

Naturopathic Physician

When I was a teenager I had severe hip pain.  I went to chiropractors, MDs, and even Naturopaths without any relief.   Going through this process made me realize that the way that medicine was practiced might help some, but it wasn’t the answer for me.  Looking at the problem from a purely structural or biochemical point of view just didn’t get at the root cause of what was going on with me.  This started me on my journey of figuring out what was really going on, going for depth in diagnosis.  Eventually I found my way to naturopathic medical school and found answers for myself, friends and family, and now for the patients that I see.  I found that integrating structural, biochemical, and mental/emotional assessment and treatment yields the best, quickest, and longest lasting results.

I believe that true resilience and health is more than just feeling ok.  It is about being able to find, pursue, and enjoy your life’s work / purpose.

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COVID-19 Update: Telemedicine follow-up visits and free initial consultations are now available for both local and remote patients.