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True Resilience

We provide comprehensive natural healthcare. By uniting traditional and modern medicine, and eastern and western medicine, we are able to find the contributors to patient's issues accurately and easily. We use in house autonomic response testing via Applied Kinesiology so that we know, in real time, which systems in the body are dysfunctional, and what your body needs.

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True Resilience

I would highly recommend Dr. Evan. He is not your typical naturopath. He combines the mind/body connection by recommending supplements and clearing the emotional issues related to your health condition. He uses muscle testing so every program is taylor-made for you. He treats the source of your condition, not just the symptoms. - K.E. - Chandler

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Energy and Metabolism

We build patients a complete metabolic profile which includes a nutritional assessment, heavy metal and toxin load, and screen for infections. By addressing specifically what your individual metabolic issues are, improved energy and sense of wellbeing are attainable.

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Athletic Performance

Fatigue, susceptibility to injury, and poor recovery are signs that your body isn't responding well to your workouts.  We address the cellular production of energy, neurologic changes due to injuries, structural alignment, and emotional blocks to performance in this program.

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Brain Health

Brain fog, fatigue, changes in the senses, balance, and memory problems are all symptoms of stress on the nervous system. We address this stress using nutrition, retraining the brain, addressing emotional stressors, and fixing any trauma that has happened to the nervous system.

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

True Resilience

"I had been going to a naturopath for 12 years for thyroid and GI issues when I met Dr. Evan. He invited me to one of his workshops and I thought I knew what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the demo! I made an appointment afterwards, and I can't tell you how pleased I've been with his methods, he is such and caring physician and person! Dr.Evan will work with you no matter the time it takes during your appointment, and his evaluations are thorough, accurate, and leave you feeling healthy or at the very least, closer to health after his care! He combines different facets of his field of healthcare to help determine what your body needs during the visit, or when the treatments are enough for the day. I highly recommend Dr. Evan as an alternative to traditional practice or as a compliment to any treatment plan!"


"I was hesitant to buy a treatment package because of the cost, but I have been very pleased with how my daughter's symptoms have been reduced as she sees Dr. Evan each week.  He has become our favorite practitioner for her chronic illness. He has an amazing blended set of skills that he draws upon and it's like seeing 3 doctors all in one visit. I love how he has connected to my daughter and  gives her the time during the appointment that she needs."


"I went in to see Dr Evan for a couple of things. The first was adrenal fatigue symptoms, and after the full blood work up and exam, he helped me to see what was at the root of the symptoms. He was so thorough and mindful of looking at my health holistically, that I knew that the remedies he gave were good. And they were! I'm feeling so much better now.
The second time I went to see Dr Evan was for an ankle sprain I got trail running. I had let it "rest" for almost 3 weeks, and it still didn't seem to be healing quickly enough (I was anxious to get back to running!). He was able to adjust the joint, work with the corresponding muscles and connective tissue, and when I left I had noticeably more movement in my ankle. Later that day I didn't notice as much pain or stiffness, and the day after I was able to run on it much better than early that week. I love the integrative approach and the natural/holistic treatments provided. Thank you Dr Evan!"


"I was extremely sick with major GI problems this summer. I saw numerous doctors and no one could find the problem or even help with the symptoms. I was referred to Dr van Driel by a friend and within my first visit I felt so much better. He was quick to get into see and he was able to give me answers to my illness. I have now seen him 6 times and I feel amazing! I love that I am only taking supplements and not any actual medicines. I have done acupuncture too and that has really been a cool experience. It not only has made me feel better physically but mentally too. I am sleeping better now and am less stressed and anxious than I have ever been. I would highly recommend Dr van Driel! Wonderful service, kind and friendly!"


Treatments and Products

True Resilience

PRP / Prolozone

Strengthen structural tissues, improve function, and reduce pain.


NET / PTSD Treatment

Change your emotional response to environmental triggers.


Relax and find your center.


Physical Manipulation

Align structure, rehab injuries, and balance the nervous system.

Clinical Nutrition

Reverse deficiencies, rebuild tissues, and optimize metabolism.


Tune up the vital force.

Medical Ozone

Improve the immune system and metabolism, and flood your body with oxygen.


Improve circulation, relax, and recharge.

PRP Facelift

Plump, tighten, and improve the health of your skin

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